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Holiday Wish List - Personal

>> Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hello lovely friends! I'm so sorry for my awful blogging ways... I feel like a broken record, always saying that. I hope you'll forgive me! Today I wanted to share my personal holiday wish list. I say personal, not only because its my list, but also because I'm going to do a "home" list and "skincare" list. Should be fun! :)

When putting together things that caught my eye this year, it was pretty much limited to bags and jewels. Obviously I have a one track mind at the moment, and a general color theme, ha. But a few of these items have been on my mind for months now so despite their similarities, they really are all things I've been wanting. Unfortunately they all have a pretty little price tag to go along with them which is why they aren't already mine. But a girl can dream! That's what wish lists (and husbands, cough ZACH, cough ;) ) are for, right??

My Holiday Wish List

Coach satchel / Kate Spade flower handbag / Coach bracelet jewelry / Ariel Gordon initial jewelry / J Crew bracelet bangle / J Crew crystal jewelry / J.Crew earrings

Clockwise from top left

1. Ariel Gordon Initial Ring - This ring from Ariel Gordon jewelry is probably my favorite thing on this list. The example photo even has MY EXACT INITIALS, as if to further prove how much I need it. Neeeeeed itttttt.  I've actually been saving up for this little gem; its been on my mind for 5 months now and I just can't get it out. That says it definitely needs to be mine ;)

2. Kate Spade Purse - I've recently really started liking Kate Spade's purse line. I know, I know... how could I not like them? But I've always found them to be a little too structured, I like my purses a little more relaxed. But this pale pink beauty is gorgeous, and a perfect size. If you see it on their site, you'll see that its not too big and not too small. Its basically the Goldilock's of pink purses.

3. Coach Watch - I've never been much of a watch wearer, but something about this one just jumped out at me. I was perusing their site one day (as I often do...) and I stopped dead in my scrolling when I came upon this watch. Before even thinking it was in my cart. But I didn't purchase it, I realized the impracticality since I really don't wear watches. But if I were to wear them, this is the one I'd wear.

4. J.Crew Necklace - As a statement necklace junky, this would just be added to my ever growing collection. I realized I have very few clear crystal necklaces, and this is one that would go with everything. This might be one for the husband to check out ;)

5. J.Crew Bracelet - Similar to the necklace, I just though this piece was gorgeous! It has a vintage nod, like the other jewelry, and would look great with that necklace, don't you think? :)

6. J.Crew Earrings - These are probably huge but I still thought they were pretty. Again, going with the clear crystal theme, these could go with practically anything.

7. Coach Purse - I am IN LOVE with this bag. The color, the size, the shape, the crossbody ability... its almost perfect. The only way it could be more perfect would be if it were about $200 less. Sigh. 

pretty much.

What's on your wish list this holiday season? 


Style Trends : Plum Crazy

>> Sunday, October 13, 2013

I don't know about you guys, but I have been obsessed with anything plum colored this season (this also includes cranberry, maroon and raspberry). Plum is one of those colors that is gorgeous on any skin tone, and there are so many ways to wear it. I've recently stocked up on my own favorite plum items, some of which are below. I've tried all of these out and love each and every one. Plum is also great to wear in makeup, but just don't where it all at once! ;) I personally love wearing either a pretty plum lip with neutral eyes, or giving myself more of a flush with a pretty, darker blush. This gorgeous fall color is not going anywhere soon, and I feel like it could easily be worn through winter and spring. You can pair it with darker colors like navy and black for winter or lighter colors like lavender or coral for spring. So if you don't own any plum pieces go out and get some! You can find this beautiful color in almost any store :)

*I have all of these items and can vouch for each one's beauty!

Plum Crazy - Perfectly Average Girl

Style Trends : Plum

And here's the look above recreated

Style Trend : Plum

How do you feel about the plum trend? Would you wear this bold color? Tell me below!


My Thoughts While Shopping

>> Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Yep. That pretty much sums it up ;)

More posts soon, I promise. Life has just been busy lately!


Fall Favorites

>> Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fall is almost here (well, for most of the country anyway. We Floridians can dream!) and with it comes all of the new fall fashions. It feels like my inbox has exploded lately with promos for the new trends and I've had a lot of fun perusing the virtual racks. The colors this fall are vibrant and rich, and I keep seeing a favorite color of mine, plum. Plum just screams fall to me, and I'm happy to see the stores embracing this gorgeous color. When I saw the jacket below it had to be mine. And thanks to 40% off the other day and Gap rewards I had, I didn't pay a dime and didn't have to use all of my reward points.
I heart sales and cards with rewards.

Fall Favorites - Perfectly Average Girl

I know there is a striped item in the mix, but give a girl a break. I can't just go completely cold turkey! So I'll virtually wear this one until my month stripe hiatus is up. Plus, its peplum and adorable. The dot top and jacket are from Loft, and both have such a nice, subtle print. The jacket has a herringbone pattern that I just can't get enough of these days. Good herringbone pieces are hard to fine IMO, but this piece is definitely a closet classic. (I accidentally typed clossic when writing that, I think I just came up with a new word.)

The pants are all ankle cropped, and while these might not be practical for all of your northern gals, us southern ladies can rock the ankle pants until about 2 weeks in January. Then the real pants come out when it dips to a bone chilling 55ยบ. I actually own the grey pair from loft and I LOVE THEM. They are the "girlfriend" fit, which means they aren't as baggy as boyfriend jeans, and honestly, they don't seem to stretch out as much either. Girlfriend knows how to do it right. The other two pairs are from Old Navy & Banana Republic, in a nice lighter wash, and then a deep navy cord.

Lastly just a few accessories. I've had those knot earrings from J.Crew for months now and I love them. They are another clossic (totally gonna start working this in) and you can wear them with anything. And I do. I have about a bazillion pairs of earrings and I wear these 99% of the time. Belts have really come back in a big way the past couple years, and I am a sucker for this tobacco brown leather. It seems that Leopard print is a fall fashion "duh", but since I'm not much of an animal print person I think these flats would be a cute way to add a little punch to your outfit.

All of these stores are having sales right now (anywhere between 25%-50% off!) but a lot of them end today or tomorrow. So go get your fall on and share what you're loving this season below!


Outfits Lately : What I Wore

>> Monday, August 26, 2013

You guys should be proud of me. I've been trying, reeeeealllly really trying, not to wear stripes as much and branch out a bit. Its been tough, let me tell you. I feel like its an addiction for me, so much so that  I've put myself on a "no stripes" shopping ban for the next month. And its hard. But I really don't need another navy striped top, or any stripes for that matter.

 *As a way to really shame this habit, I just counted the number of striped things in my closet. 66 things people. I own 66 striped articles of clothing (not counting undies). 
This is why this must stop.

So on this particular clothing roundup, I only have one striped outfit for you. Go me! I've been looking at floral patterns and lace while shopping, even some more solids. I'm not instantly drawn to them like stripes, but I'm really starting to like these pieces as well. 
Target lace top, J.Crew matchstick jeans, Aldo sandals, J.Crew necklaces

Old Navy top, Loft pants, Aldo sandals, Coach sunglasses, 
Coach Penny purse (LOVE THIS THING)

Loft top, J.Crew cafe capri, Old Navy wedges

Ann Taylor Outlet top, Loft shorts, Target sandals

Max Studio dress, J.Crew outlet jacket, Aldo sandals

ps - if you watched the VMA's last night, this image just about sums up the range of emotions I experienced watching Miley Cyrus. Smith family, you nailed everyone's feelings


July Favorites and a Special Discount!

>> Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back to regularly scheduled programming around here :). Let's start off the month with my favorite things from last month! 

Anthropologie Beaded Seaford Strands Necklace - I saw this necklace on one of my favorite bloggers, Kendi, and knew I had to have it. So much of my jewelry is classic or vintage, but I have really been wanting something a little more whimsical for summer. This necklace is perfect for that, and I even got it on sale. It is large, but I've really been enjoying it so far. But despite its size, its very light weight!

Sigma Kabuki Brush F80 - I watch a lot of youtube makeup tutorials when I'm really bored, and I kept noticing all of these girls using this kabuki brush in their tutorials. And not just 2 or 3 girls, like 10+ girls. Ok, I'll take notice of something when that many people are singing its praises (and their makeup looked flawless after using it). Ive only ever used my fingers for applying foundation because I've never found a brush I liked, but this brush has changed my tune. Its bristles are very tightly packed so the coverage is even and consistent. My makeup goes on so much faster now, and my complexion looks even and natural. I seriously love it. I will never use my fingers again.

Clarisonic Mia 2 - This is another one of those items that I've heard about forever. I have many friends that use the Clarisonic, but I just wasn't sure. I have pretty sensitive skin, and I was worried that the brush would be harsh and cause breakouts. Plus, its expensive. But I finally bit the bullet this month and ordered one. I bought mine from Amazon, it was about $30 cheaper there than anywhere else I could find it, plus I got free Prime shipping. The first time I used it I was skeptical, it didn't really seem that great. But my face did feel super clean afterward, but I still have to use a washcloth to rinse off all of the soap. So, its really like adding a step to my nightly routine vs. swapping it for something else I already did. The second day was a little better, I'm still getting the hang of it (I've only had it for about 5 days now) but I really am enjoying it. I'm not head of heels yet, but it definitely cleans well. Maybe an update in about a month? I'll keep ya posted.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion - I've used the Body Shop's Tea Tree Essential Oil for years now for the random zit or other blemish and its always worked well. Tea Tree Oil is antimicrobial so it helps to fight off bacteria that may be on your face. On a layover at the airport in June I had some time to kill before my flight so I wandered in to the Body Shop in the concourse. They were having a major buy 2 get 2 sale so I snagged this, the exfoliator and a few other items. I didn't really start using it until July and oh man, its awesome. Zach has been using the scrub and he loves it (I still love my Kiehls scrub), but I've been using the lotion in the morning after I wash my face and it is perfect for the day. Tea Tree also helps absorb oil, so it leaves my face feeling matte and clean, and I know its helping to fend off any incoming acne. Just as a warning, it does have a strong smell, and if you have any open cuts or skin irritations it will burn temporarily (like, for less than 30 seconds) but the smell goes away and I feel like the burn is proving its working. If you're looking for a good summer lotion, definitely check this one out!

Slim Initial Cuff from Miscellanea by Valerie - Lastly, I recently got this darling little initial cuff from Valerie's Etsy shop. When I purchased the necklace from Anthroplogie, I also found this bracelet that I completely fell for. Except they didn't have my letter, and seconds later it sold out :(. But when I fell I fell hard, and I had to find it somewhere else. That's how I came across Valerie's Etsy shop, she had almost the exact same item as Anthro. I messaged her about using only one initial instead of two, and she promptly wrote me back saying I could do just the one. So in my cart it went. I ordered the bracelet and received it about 4 days later. And I LOVE it. I posted the photo above on my instagram and got some interest (and a lot of likes), so I contacted Valerie about offering a promo for my readers. She was excited to do so, and is offering 10% off $30 or more to all Perfectly Average Girl readers! How cool is that? You can get one of your own and we can be twinsies, or you can pick out one of the other awesome items in her shop. She's keeping this offer open until August 9th, so don't wait to pick up one of her lovely pieces. If someone else buys the cuff just message her in her shop and she can make more.

The coupon to use at checkout is PERFECT10 :) you can also visit her blog here, and here is her Etsy Shop

So that wraps it up for July! I hope everyone survived this sweltering month, hopefully August won't be too bad *Ha! I'm obviously delusional from the heat...*

Anything you've been loving in July? Something you'd recommend to me? I'm a sucker for new and shiny things ;)


The 15 Minutes of Fame I Didn't Expect

>> Tuesday, July 30, 2013

** I want to start off saying that I'm only writing about this because I want to remember it, not for attention or anything else, it was just a very unique experience that I want to remember**

Wow. Last night was quite a night. Zach and I were relaxing in bed watching TV around 11pm when we heard what sounded like thunder in the distance. We didn't pay much attention to it at first, summer rainstorms are nothing new to Floridians, but the noise continued and the frequency at which the booms were occurring was increasing. Zach was the first to really notice this, and he asked me to turn off the TV and the lights in the room as he peered out the window. It sounded now almost like shotgun fire or canons, so he was worried that somewhere in the neighborhood someone had a gun. After realizing the sound was further away, he stepped outside to investigate and I took to Facebook to ask if anyone else could hear the booms as well. By the time he came back I had already received several responses on Facebook with people saying they could hear it too, but they lived in other towns. This was more concerning since it was the obvious it was much bigger than we thought. One girl commented that she heard it was the propane plant in Tavares and that there was a fire there. When Zach came back in he said the sky was orange and bright and with each boom there was a flash. He asked if I wanted to go check it out, so we got out of our pj's and went to the car.

We knew the plant in Tavares was in a rural area kind of across the lake from Mt. Dora, so we drove down to Lake Dora to get a better view but also stay safely away from what was happening. When we got to the lake the sight was incredible. It was pitch black except for this bright burning spot on the horizon, and the sky and lake all around it was lit up orange. We quickly parked the car and got out, walking out to the point. There were several dozen other people down there when we arrived, but within 10 minutes of our being there many more cars arrived. The street in both directions were backed up with cars of people trying to figure out what was going on too. 

We watched from the point for a while, and with each boom of the explosions a fireball would shoot up past the flames. We guessed that this was all of the individual propane tanks exploding, we had been by the facility before and there were hundreds upon hundreds of tanks there (I later found out that there were 53,000). I only had my iPhone with me, so I snapped a few photos, watched a bit more, and then left. On the drive back home I posted the photos to Facebook and Instagram so that other people who weren't able to go to the lake could see what was happening. 

My friend Angela saw my image and posted it on Twitter and credited my twitter handle in the photo. I guess that this got passed around, and within 10 minutes I had people from ABC contacting me on Twitter about the photo and asking if they could use it. I wrote back telling them they could, and then I was asked in a followup message about giving an interview on what I saw. It was about midnight at this time, but I got a call from a reporter with ABC in Tampa and told him what we saw. When I finished speaking with him he asked if he could pass my information along to Good Morning America and his other colleagues. I told him that was fine and hung up with the promise to email more of the photos over. After that call I saw that what I had been talking to the reporter about was being live tweeted on Twitter with quotes back to my account. Five minutes later I got a call from CNN International asking if I'd do a radio interview about what I saw. I was shocked that anyone cared what I even saw since I was so far from the blast (I told everyone I spoke to that I was about 7 miles away), but it seemed that my photo that my friend posted made me a point of interest.

Here are the two photos I took at the lake

As I was on hold with CNN, I got an email from a producer at Good Morning America asking if I'd be willing to do a phone or Skype interview with them in the morning. I wrote back saying I would, and then CNN came on the line and interviewed me live about what I saw. I kept looking at Zach with a look that said "is this really happening?" I was happy to talk to everyone, but I felt that I was not really qualified to speak about it, my perspective and knowledge of the situation was limited. All of the amazing fire and rescue teams should've been talking about what happened, or people who were closer to the plant. But I did my best to be as accurate and factual as I could without sounding emotional (I didn't want to be one of those crazy people you see on TV after a disaster!).

After I hung up with CNN, ABC called me again and said they wanted to set up a live interview with me in the morning, and that their producer would come to pick me up at 5:30am and drive me to the location. It was about 1:45am at this point, and the thought of getting up at 4-ish to get ready seemed daunting. But I agreed and set my alarm. After that call, I got a call from Fox & Friends wanting to do an interview in the morning as well, but I had to turn them down because GMA asked that I not talk to anyone else. We got two more calls after that, but I just told Zach to ignore them, we were both so tired and it was after 2 in the morning. 

I finally fell asleep around 2:30am and then woke up promptly at 4:20am. I took a shower, put on my makeup, dried my hair, and just as I was about to change I got a call telling me that GMA decided not to do any interviews so I was no longer needed. Oh my gosh. As relieved as I was (I was nervous about talking any more about it!) I was also frustrated because I had gotten ready and barely had any sleep. First world problems, I know...

No sooner had I hung up with GMA when CNN called again asking about doing another interview at 6am. It was about 5:15am at this point so I agreed, brewed myself some tea, sat down on the couch and decided to read news articles until my phone rang. Well 6am came and went, so around 6:30am I stopped waiting, got up, washed off my makeup then climbed back in bed. Zach had to get up for work soon, so I stayed awake reading until about 8am when he left, then promptly fell asleep. I stayed that way until another friend called me around noon to tell me he saw me quoted in a CNN article

It is still all completely surreal to me that I was chosen as the "witness to talk to" about this, ABC told me on the phone that I was their only witness. I found this so shocking, the internet was going crazy with news on this! But honestly, I am just so relieved that no one was killed. I know that there were 7-8 injuries, but I am praying that they are not so bad that the people don't recover. I am also so thankful that the many friends and family in the fire/rescue teams in our community were safe and were also unharmed. Having several friends in both of those fields definitely had me concerned for their safety, and its a relief to know they're all ok.

Below is a snapshot from ABC's Facebook page with my image, and then below that is the CNN interview which I didn't find out about until this morning when friends tagged me in posts with the link. 

So there it is, my 15 minutes of fame. And all thanks to the power of social media. The whole experience was a whirlwind and crazy, but I know not nearly as crazy as what was happening in Tavares at the plant. Watching the news coverage was so bizarre, you see things like this on TV all the time, but you never think about them happening so close to home. I hope that I was able to help the news agencies in any way, they were all very friendly and apologetic for calling so late/early, which I did appreciate. Again, I want to state that I only wrote this for my own benefit so that I could remember this night, it was definitely the experience of a lifetime!

Wishing all those involved and injured a speedy and healthy recovery.


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